Maixei extra virgin olive oil

Brief history

The ‘’Taggiasca’’ olive is the main cultivar grown in the Italian Riviera. Its name derives from the fact that the first place where the variety was brought by Benedictine monks from the monastery of Lerino was Taggia from where it spread to the whole of the province of Imperia. It is now considered one of the best “dual-purpose” varieties as it is used to make first-class olive oil and is also an excellent table olive.

Late 18th and early 19th century commercial contracts drawn up in the Italian Riviera already make a distinction between “fine oil”, the oil from the first and second cold pressing, and “edible oil” obtained from the third hot pressing. /p>

Cultivar and the environment

The ‘’Taggiasca’’ is an olive cultivar that is grown at sea level to a height of 600 metres and can reach a height of 10-12 metres. It is an evergreen and forms a pine cone shape naturally without the need for human intervention.

The flowers are borne in loose clusters (10-15 flowers per cluster) which form from mixed buds on the branches of the previous year’s growth. The leaves are green on the upper surface while they have star-shaped hairs on the lower surface which give them the typical silvery grey colour and protect the plant from excessive transpiration during the summer months. The olive is an oval drupe and is the only fruit from which oil can be extracted just by pressing.

Taggiasca olive trees are cultivated on our “terraces” with dry stone walling, the strips of land (known locally as fasce) which have been built with immense patience using an ancient technique so that olive groves can thrive on the steep slopes of the Italian Riviera and the area of cultivable land is increased. The mild climate, due to the proximity of the sea to the south and protected by the mountains in the north, ensures that Taggiasca olive oil is considered one of the finest in the world with a sweet aroma and a fruity, aromatic flavour.


Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil contains 95-98% of triglicerides, phospholipids and clorophyll and 2-5% of liposoluble substances (hydrocarbons, alcohol, polyphenols, vitamin E). Monounsaturated fatty acids are dominant in Taggiasca olives; oleic acid reaches levels of between 70 and 80%. Among the minor components, the extra virgin olive oil has a typically bitter sharp taste due to antidioxant properties of phenol compounds. These derive from compounds that are naturally present in olives such as oleuropein and pinoresinol whose properties have beneficial effects for our vascular and cardiovascular system. The bitter phenolic compounds help to protect the oil from growing rancid, the oxidisation process that takes place over long periods during storage. The quantity of polyphenols in ‘’Maxei’’ olive oils is greater in hilly areas with respect to coastal zones and varies according to altitude. ‘’Maxei’’ extra virgin olive oils come mainly from inland areas and therefore have lower aciditiy, a lower number of peroxydes and a higher quantity of total polyphenols.

The olives are harvested during veraison (when the colour of the olives changes from green to purple) because this is the phase when they have the highest levels of volatile compounds and polyphenols. They are knocked down directly from the plant, then arranged in ventilated crates and transported within a few hours of harvesting to the oil mill where the olives are pressed.

Health-giving properties

Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil has the following benefits for the human organism: it reduces LDL cholesterol and the glycemic index; it boosts beneficial HDL cholesterol; it has antioxidant properties, prevents cardiovascular diseases, provides protection from tumours and reduces the effects of cellular damage.

Food pairings

The distinctive quality of ‘’Maxei’’ Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil lies in its lightness caused by low acidity and the sweet, fruity flavour. It has a cloudy, straw yellow appearance. The oil has an intense aroma with a distinctly fruity scent; it has a delicate rounded flavour and goes perfectly with fish and seafood, meats and sauces, adding an authentic touch to any dish. It is excellent as a dressing.

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