The history of Rossese wine

The first records of the Rossese grape date back to the ancient Greeks or perhaps even earlier to the Etruscans.
More recently, the historical evidence shows that Andrea Doria chose Rossese as the festive wine of his fleet. Even Napoleon, as a guest of the Marchesa Doria, had the pleasure of tasting it at the end of the eighteenth century.
These documents show how Rossese wine is steeped in Ligurian tradition and how modern growers have managed to combine the flavour and scent of Rossese grapes with the know-how of past generations.




An elegant wine stems from a passion for the past

The distinctive feature of Maixei wines is the decision to make wine from a single grape variety, Rossese di Dolceacqua grapes for reds and Vermentino grapes for whites. As in the past, all the tasks related to vine-tending are carried out manually by the growers of the cooperative, partly due to the steep slopes where the vineyards are located.
The processes involved in transforming the must are kept to a minimum and are essential for ensuring the genuine nature and quality of the product. The grape juice – or must – is settled naturally at carefully controlled temperatures. The must then begins to ferment and after a period of ageing in steel vats, it is ready to offer its highly distinctive bouquet in spring.


Where to buy our wines

Maixei wies can be bought directly from the cooperative’s winery store.


Cantina Maixei

“Sistemi moderni
per vini autentici”

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