Grappa di Dolceacqua

The most recent addition to the Maixei range, this grappa is the perfect way to end a meal or to accompany a conversation with a friend on a pleasant evening.


Grappa di Dolceacqua


100% Rossese grapes used for Rossese di Dolceacqua DOC

Type of pomace

Grapes destemmed prior to distillation.


Batch distillation in copper pot stills with a double column system.


It is aged for six months in Slavonian oak barrels after which the alcohol strength is reduced by the addition of microfiltered water. The grappa then undergoes refrigeration and filtration.

Analytical parameters:

Ethyl alcohol: 43,0% vol.
Methyl alcohol: max 1,0% ml. grade a.a.
Volatile compounds: min 140 mg % grade a.a.
Copper: max 5 mg/l


The grappa has an attractive light straw yellow colour with a rich and intense aroma. It is smooth, genuine with no trace of bitterness. Ideal at the end of a meal. The bottle should be kept vertically, carefully sealed, away from the light and at room temperature.
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