Rossese di Dolceacqua Superiore

Made from carefully selected grapes for an even more intense experience of the Italian Riviera. The label is decorated with the austere image of a humpback bridge, the unmistakable symbol of Dolceacqua, on a white background.


Rossese di Dolceacqua Superiore or Dolceacqua Superiore DOC


100% Rossese di Ventimiglia

Wine region

The vineyards of our growers cover the parts of the Nervia and Verbone that are most suitable for vine cultivation with mainly clayey, sandy soils with a high pebble content, with low levels of limestone and pH levels ranging between sub-alkaline and acidic.

Cultivation systems

Rossese is cultivated with the traditional alberello system with one spur per branch. All aspects of vine cultivation are carried out by hand due to the morphology of the terrain. Cluster thinning of about 25-30% of bunches is carried out after veraison (when the grapes become softer and change colour).


The hand-harvested grapes are delivered by the members of the cooperative just a few hours after the grape harvest. The grapes are soft pressed as soon as they arrive in the winery where they undergo a rigorous selection process. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature (30°C) in stainless steel vats using selected yeasts. During the maceration process (6-8 days), longer than for the classic Rossese di Dolceacqua, the wine must is carefully monitored using chemical and organoleptic tests. Must is pumped over the grape dregs and delestage racking is carried out; both processes ensure maximum colour and flavour extraction. Ageing and malolactic fermentation takes place in steel vats. The wine is only bottled when it is deemed to be ready. It cannot be sold until 1 November of the year following the vintage (harvest).

Analytical parameters:

Alcohol: 13,5% vol.
Total acidity g/l: 5,10
Total Dry Extract g/l: 26,70


Red ruby colour which tends towards garnet hues with ageing. It has a mellow, full-bodied, velvety flavour with a pleasantly astringent aftertaste. The bouquet has notes of wild strawberry, rose petals and wilted violet petals, and with ageing notes of liquorice and aromatic herbs also appear. It is an excellent accompaniment to mature cheeses, wildfowl and game, and the local speciality “goat and bean stew”.

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“Stile inimitabile”
“Raffinato e maturo”

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